Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Mam Jalal amuses arabs with jokes about Kudish follishness!

His Excellency the President of Iraq, Mam-'Uncle'-Jalal. Posted by Hello

I just saw an excerpt from an interview given by mam Jalal which is to be aired this sunday by AL-Sharqia news network. In the interview mam Jalal tells a joke about Kurds, I qoute: Their is an Kurd on an Iraqi airways Jet suddenly, there is commotion and the Kurd is told that the plane is going to explode, the Kurd replies: I could'nt care less the jet belogs to the government (hi Hukmata)'. While i understand that this is mam Jalals way of explaining the Kurds hate for the Iraqi government (circa 1924-) I just can't help thinking that the jokes origin is arabic and it is'nt about Kurdish contempt for Government but about Kurdish idiocy.

I mean Talabani is now Iraqi president but does he have to make fun of us now? this comes a week after he said that Kurdish independence was not only a dream but a fantasy!, is this what he told the martyred peshmarga?. Did they die for Islamic totalitarianism in Iraq?. If this is how we behave in governement who can blame the arabs and for that matter the turks and persians for constantly making us the but of their jokes?

Monday, April 25, 2005

Turkmen Front disssolved in Kurdistan.

The Iraqi Turkem Front has dissolved following allegations of corruption. Posted by Hello

Its been reported that the Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF)-'Baray-i-Turkmani' has just been dissolved. The ITF which stated that it was willing to resort to armed violence to prevent the democratic desicion of 59% of kirkuk's electorate being carried out has dissolved following its 4th conference last week.
Peyamner is reporting that the ITF's Kurdistan regional government (KRG) repersentative in Hawler city, Abdul-Qadir Bazargan, has asked the KRG to protect its premises in Kurdistan. The groups flag has also been lowered on all of it's offices including the military offices which were receiving military aid from Turkey until recently.
It's thought that Turkey withdrew all aid to the ITF when the elections showed that there were not 2 million Turkmen in Iraq as the TIF had claimed.

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