Saturday, April 23, 2005

Saddam's first interview since Iraqi liberation.

Saddam Hussein-Former distator of Iraq. Posted by Hello

While Kurdish attempts to filibuster Jafari's nomination continue unabated in the Iraqi federal capital, most talk here in Kurdistan is about a phone in on one of the poplular 'your point of view' shows.

I know this sounds amazing but Saddam Hussein, former dictator and tyrant, phoned in to the AL-Faha network's daily current affairs programme this tuesday. Now i personally thought that this was a hoax at first but the programmes presenter and the network have confirmed that the voice heard was the nasal intonation of Mr Hussein himself.

Saddam declared that he was still the president of the Republic of Iraq and that he was speaking from the bathroom area of Baghdad international airport were he is being hed by the forces of 'occupation'. He stated that he was being held in a 'miserable' situation and asked the 'kindhearted and generous' people of Iraq to protest untill he is relocated to one of the republican palaces which fit his rank as head of state. He went on to complain about the food situation at the prison, asking several times if the presenter had seen 'Pakla' beans (a common food in southern Iraq) move, refering to his earlier claim that his food was infested with maggots.

When asked about his feelings regarding his trial, Hussein declared that there was no authority which could try him in accordance to Iraqi law while refering to Iraq's Baathist era constitution. When the presenter pointed out that he was being tried in accordance to international law the former president stated that the international community should in fact be trying President G. Bush Jnr. since it was he who had attacked Iraq and not 'Iraq which had invaded the US'. When the presenter asked him about the demands for the death penalty from the Iraqi people, Saddam stated his 'stomach had gone' ('an Iraqi phrase refering to shock) that people would dare lie to the extent of saying his beloved people want him dead. Following the conversation numerous Iraqi's phoned in to tell the world about how they and their relatives had suffered under the former tyrant.

I heard the converstaion myself and i can tell you that from my recollection of Saddam's interminable speeches that this was Hussein, however there are still people who doubt that Iraq's strongman can have fallen so low, but who would have thought 2 years ago that the 'Butcher of Baghdad' not to mention Halabja would be found in a hole?.

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