Saturday, April 16, 2005

a Kurdish Skyscraper. Part 2:

'Beautiful City Towers' Sulaimaniya-Liberated Kurdistan. Posted by Hello

Due to the interest i have researched the project i talked about last week: The Beuatiful City Centre in sulaimaniya:

The building will be 26 floors high (78m), with its needle it's going to be at least 110m high. It will have 270 rooms available to guests. The second floor will have a world class restaurant with a capacity of 120 people, while the first floor will have 4 other restaurants with the capacity to seat 1000 people. There will be a sauna, swimming people and sports hall which will be in alignment with Olympic standards, while 2 conferance centres are going to allow meetings of upto 1000 people. There will also be a multiplex cinema aswell as a Video recording/film studio institute which will allow the creation of world class Kurdish cinema and TV.

The major share holder is Farouq Mala Mustafa (no Relation to President Barzani) Who has said that the Shari Jwan project is the biggest financial as well as constructive project in Iraq and Kurdistan. He has also stated that the the project cost will be $45,000,000 and that the design stage alone has cost $1,300,000.

The Sheraton, Hilton, Marriot and Intercontinental hotel groups are currently in talks with the Kurdish investors over who will manage the Hotel side of the bussiness.

Construction begins next week with the leveling of the Re'aya ridge (Girdi Re'aya), while 2 firms based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi respectively are bidding on construction rights with 40 more days until a final tender is named, from that date they will have 8 months to begin end state construction.

My Favourite part: the building will stand on land ear marked for a Republican Palace by Saddam.

There has been a lot of negativety in the posts made here and on Kurdo's site but while i fully understand that the natural beauty of our homeland is sacred and that a skyscraper cannot ever make up for the deaths of the anfal, it is important that we Kurds encourage investment in our nation as every dollar an American or Briton etc. etc. makes in Kurdistan is a dollar which will be defended by their governments.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Ghaddafi's solution

Muammar Ghaddafi and the Kurds. Posted by Hello

After some searching i found these words of 'wisdom' from the craziest ledear in the world from his official website, well at least his hearts in the right place, here goes (from :

What did the Kurds gain from the IRAQ affair……… nothing. Unless embracing the colonization forces, and kisses on cheeks of the new colonization rulers, and the accuse with great treason, and allies with colonization. Whereas the Kurds situation did not change, but it became more worst at least from the moral and appearance points of view.

We expect that at such historical dramatical hours, it will be a rare historical chance for Kurds to graspit, similar to the chance of conquering Berlin City which was grasped by the Jews, defend of axis countries, and victory of Allies in the second world war. This should involve announcement of Kurd country, the historical hope for the suppressed Kurd nation…..There is nothing……., the Kurds are nationals in the countries where they were found.
What is new ? what are the gains ? ……..nothing. The Kurd is a Kurd a citizen from the second or third class in all countries of near east..
Do not let them deceive you by appointing Mr. Hoshyar Zibari as a Minister for Ministry of Foreign Affairs, regarding the recent situation of IRAQ , now a days lieutenant general Noureddin Mahmoud was a prime minister for IRAQ, also Mr. Ahmed Baban, both of them were Kurds. Also the ministers of public works, communications, interior justice, finance and defense were all Kurds.
The chief of staff of Iraqi army was given to Kurds for example: lieutenant general Bak Sidgi, lieutenant general Hussein Fawzi, lieutenant colonel Amen Zaki, even the percentage of Kurds in Iraqi country employees was 25% , where as it is 97% in Kurds area. The Kurds in their areas in Iraq had rural councils, district%2

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

First Kurdish skyscraper!

The beautiful city towers-Sulaimaniya Posted by Hello

This is the new Hotel which going to be built in Sulaimaniya. I thought i would put it up as it looks like its going to be the best looking buildng in Kurdistan and probably even Iraq.
It called the Shari Jwan Santar and its going to be built on the re'aya ridge in sulaimani city. It will be a hotel/conference/leisure centre/Cinema with 400 hundred rooms. The investors say that it's the biggest project in all of Iraq and that it will create 1000 jobs in this deprived part of the city.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Mam Jalal, the first non-arab ledear of an arab state?

As every Kurd knows mam Jalal became the first Kurdish president of the Republic of Iraq this week, but i am geeting sick and tired of people rewriting history to suit their political needs, he is not the first Kurdish head of state in an arab state.

For the record the first Za'em (an arabic word for complete ledear which translates as similar to Fuhrer/generalisimo/President) of Syria was a kurd: Husni al-Zaim in 1949, Adib al-Shishakli who ruled syria in 1951-1954 was a kurd from Hama, 2 prime ministers Husni and Muhsen al-Barazi of syria were also Kurdish. The last elected Iraqi premier before Qassim's coup d'etat was the Kurd ,Nuri Said, while Qassim himself was half Kurdish.

Nuri said (Kurd) with Prince Regent abdul-illah of Iraq, . Posted by Hello

If we delve further into history we find that the Ayubid dynasty who ruled Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen were Kurds. Their Shia predesesors in Egypt the Fatamids were also Kurds, while in Iran the Qajarid dynasty were Kurdish.

More recently in Turkey both Turgut Ozal (President) and Bulent Ecevit (Prime minister) were Kurds while 3 of the most important members of the 'young turk' movement who destroyed the Ottoman empire, Abdullah Jevdet, Ishaq Sukuti and Ziya Gokalp were all Kurds (these men were the main intellectuals of Pan-Turanism!!).

Let's also not forget that Saladin the greatest general of the arab armies and the only man in history who has ever united the middle east by common consent was a Kurd from Tikrit.

Saladin, what did he ever do for you? Posted by Hello

We kurds are not an inherantly stupid people if we put aside our loyalty to the Kurdish cause we can become whatever we want in any of the states that divide and occupy our land. It's like a deal with Shaatan, forget your Kurdish and you can have whatever you want, literally any position in society, even that of President.

I am not saying that mam Jalal has become Dr Faustus, he has been an iconic Kurdish ledear for 4 decades and has seen his people through some devastating times and i hope that he returns to his people in 8 months safe and sound, but how long will we help other nations rule us, how long will we exchange Kurdistan for a small voice in Baghdad, Ankara, Damascus or Tehran.

Why should one of our ledears support Palestinian independence but not Kurdish liberty, why should we oppose Isreali settlement of Kurdish land when Palestinians continue to occupy our Jerusalem, Kirkuk.

Like mam Jalal said once upon a time: Kurdistan Ya Naman.

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