Saturday, April 09, 2005

Turkish Chemical Attack:

Members of the peoples defence forces of Kurdistan. Posted by Hello

News is emergeging that the Turkish armed forces have used chemical weapons against the forces of the peshmarga in Northern Kurdistan.
It is reported that chemical agents have been used against the peshmarga in the heavy fighting which is taking place in the provinces of Tunceli and dersim, in Turkish occupied Kurdistan. It is reported that five peshmarga, all women, have died due to respiratory distress which is caused by the Sarin chemical agent, the favoured chemical of the previous baathist regime of Iraq. Dersim the birthpace of Apo Ocalan (the PKK founder) has been closed of to all members of the media and governmental agencies since the latest cmpaign was launched by the Turkish military on the 1 of April.

It has also been reported that rascist attacks by turkish members of the paramilitary, MHP, have dramatically risen with 2 Kurdish students being killed in istanbul after rascist attacks, the link below is to a video file showing an attempted lynching of 4 Kurds in trabzon, the turkish military claims that the armoured personal carrier seen in the video was sent to resuce the students however one of the protestors was killed when the APC ran him over, the students had been attempting to demonstrate against the use of F-type prisons by turkey.
Rascist attack

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Mam Jalal Posted by Hello

“We remember with pride and gratitude the awesome bravery and sacrifices the band of brothers and sisters made to initiate and reorganize resistance against our oppressors in the aftermath of the disastrous treachery of the 1975 Algiers Agreement. History records those were dark days. The nucleus of Peshmergas who decided, against tremendous odds, to challenge a totalitarian state, which enjoyed support from East and West at the time, deserve forever the thanks of the people of Kurdistan of every generation. They proved to the world that the indomitable spirit of our people for identity and freedom cannot be crushed with impunity”

Jalal Talabani, June 1, 2002

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