Saturday, April 02, 2005

Why does'nt he want the job?

Massoud Barzani, President of The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). Posted by Hello

Two months since the first free and democtratic middle eastern elections in history, the reason for the shia (UIA) stuborness in forming a government is becoming clearer. It appears that the turboned lawmakers are unhappy that Kurds have achieved a small miracle and recliamed their right to make their own future.

News is gradually emerging of a shia drive to involve the western powers in an attempt to force the kurdish ledearship into agreements which go against the interests and the desires of the people who gave them 26% of the ballots. Thankfully it seems that the kurdish leaders are holding firm, although the unwillingness of the KDP President, Masoud Barzani, to assume his role as President of the Kurdistan Region is slightly worrying. Optimists think that this is as president Barzani forsees a future independent kurdish state, if this is true it would be unwise of him to settle for the position of a state governor, however i think that this may be due to real problems with the shia over what constitutional strength the federal sate of Kurdistan will enjoy, i mean who seriously thinks that a Kurdish, secular rational and modern entity can exist within the frame work of an Arab, Shia and reactionary state.

PS there is a new english language newspaper from Kurdistan ,The Hawler Globe, you can access it through the Peyamner webpage. The Globe's claim to fame according to Peyamner is that a friend of Chelsea Clinton, who currently teaches in Hawler is a guest writer, she apparently came to Kurdistan as she like helping strange nations in strange ways (What the hell does that mean!!).

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