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The Story of Nawroz...

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Once upon a time in a land far far away there was a king. This King who went by the name of Zuhak-the Dragon-had an unfortunate birth defect, 2 gigantic snakes growing from each shoulder because of a curse placed on Zuhak by the Gods for his evil ways. These snakes had to be fed with the brains of 2 children everday of the year.

Now the King's doctor who was in charge of procuring the snakes meal could'nt bring himself to kill children everyday so he would smuggle one of the children to a land beyond the mountains and feed the Basilisk's a mix of human and sheeps brains (yummy!!).

One of the subjects of this ancient despot was Kawa a poor blacksmith who had already had many of his children sacrificed in this way. When he was told that his last remaining child, his beloved daughter was to be the next to be sacrificed, Kawa marched to the land of the smuggled children raised an army and marched on the palace of Zuhak. Where he killed the tyrant with a single blow of his mighty hammer.

The sacrificial children who had survived 'the Dragon' then set out to the mountains and lit fires to tell the people of the world that the Evil King was gone and that freedom and peace would now reign in the world (sounds familiar).

Nowadays we Kurds, the desecndents of the mountain children light mighty bonfires and celebrate the downfall of Zuhak every year at the vernal equinox, 21st of March which is now our New Years-Newroz.

I wont ruin the story with what current historians think of Kawa.


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