Friday, March 11, 2005

Kurdish demands.

'Mam' Jalal (Left) and Massoud Barzani (Right) Posted by Hello

The arab media has recently been going crazy over comments made by Masoud Barzani (the incumbent President of Kurdistan) on the AL-Arabiya news channel. With Al Jazeera complaing that this senior 'Iraqi' politician has been reluctant to fly the Iraqi flag. However President Barzanis reply was one i think that all kurds of whatever political persuasion can be proud. He stated that he refused to sit infront of the banner used by forces which had killed 8,000 of his kin and 182,000 of his compatriots. He also suggested that the iraqi government could design a new flag or that Iraq could use the pre-baathist flag of Iraq, although it seems that the arab leaders are going to cling to a flag which elicits the same response in Kurds as a swastika does in Germany.
Barzani also stated that the kurds would not be making any concessions on the administrative status of Kirkuk nor on the fact that the Kurdish candidate for the Iraqi presidency, Mam Jalal, is entitled to the job as he is the representative of the second largest bloc in the Iraqi federal parliament.
He has also been demonised by the arab media for his insistance on the status of the Peshmarga forces of kurdistan. I think the main problem in this field is a lack of understanding. the arab ledears whether shia or sunni must realise that we the kurdish people see the men of the peshmarga as our defenders. they are not the instruments of parasitic middle eastern despots as their armise are, and we will not forsake them just to appease arab opinion. This week is not only the anniversary of the Halabja chemical attacks but also the aniversary of the Raparin (uprising) when the peshmarga liberated all of kurdistan (kirkuk aswell) from the baathist occupiers, we are not likely to forget this soon and we are not likely to sacrifice the peshmarga soon either.

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