Friday, March 04, 2005

Ya kirkuk wa Khanaqeen ya ta mawin ajangin!

Kurdish refugee- Kirkuk province, Kurdistan. Posted by Hello

Yet again our leaders seem to be giving our natural rights away as they jostle for positions of power in an arab state. Before the elections they all proclaimed that they would never cede on any of our demands, but yet again they seem to be planing just that. First came mam Jalal's meetings with the turks 'special' repersentative to Iraq ,Koruturk, then before you know it, Kirkuk is not Kurdistani but a special example of 'living together' (peaka wa jhian), Kirkuk is'nt an integral part of Kurdistan anymore but a 'microcosm' of the Iraqi state. What makes it worse is that these leaders did'nt concede the point when Kurdistan was threatened with the turkish military but after 59% of the residents of Kirkuk voted to reintegrate into Kurdistan. Even now, when the arab leader Jafari has declared that he will never concede on Kirkuk (was'nt that meant to be our position), our leaders still herald him as a 'good' man.

For once in our modern history we hold real power, the power to prevent Iraq ever having a government and possibly the power to derail any future iraqi constitution, it should not be us who makes concessions but the arabs. I just hope that our leaders come to their senses and realise that it was'nt them who we voted for but Kurdistan. They must realise that the shahid did not give their lifes for arab democracy but for Kurdish freedom.

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