Thursday, February 24, 2005

'Metal Storm'.

Turkish soldier holding head of 2 Kurdish Peshmargas decapitated by the Turkish army in Hakkari (1994).  Posted by Hello

Members of the Turkish occupation forces-North Kurdistan (Hakkari) Posted by Hello

For years the Kurds of Northern Kurdistan have been Complaining to the world about the culture of machismo and sadism with which the Turkish armed forces have persecuted the Kurds. The international community has turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the Kurdish cause. However it appears that Turkey has recently reprioritised it's enemies with Erdogan's government, as well as much of the public, focusing on the Americans as a greater threat than the kurds.

The greatest indication of this shift has been in the book stores, where 'Metal Storm' has become a best seller. With 100,000 copies being sold in 2 months making the book a record breaker for turkish literature. Metal storm, which was written by a turk who worked as textile manufacturer in the US, is about a Turkish commando platton which enters Southern Kurdistan (or Northern Iraq as Turkey prefers), and is then attacked by US forces while performing 'heroic' duties (burning Kurdish villages, beheading Kurds and prohibiting the Kurdish language no doubt). In the book this incident turns into a full blown war in which Istanbul is bombed and Washington D.C is destroyed with nuclear weapons in retaliation (a terrorist attack by turkish scientists). Will we see war between these NATO allies, i doubt it. Although, the fact that a chart topping 82% of respondents in a BBC world poll indicated that Turkey is the worlds most anti-american state (France only-75%!), may mean that it is time for America and her allies to rethink their positions.

It appears that Turkish democracy is'nt a example for the Islamic world, while Turkish fascism probably is.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The real haggling begins!

Well its been 21 days since the first free elections in Iraq and the new government has yet to be announced. While the rest of the world is concentrating on who will be President and who will be prime minister, the issue seems to be one in which most kurds and Iraqis are already certain. Mam Jalal is going to be President and Ibrahim Al-Jafari (Dawa party) prime minister, and to tell you the truth how could it be otherwise, as we Kurds came second and the Shias first so its only logical that we share the top 2 positions between ourselves. Although Yawar (current president) has said that he wants to be president, he only got 150,000 votes so i cant really see him playing a role in the future.

'Mam' Jalal Talabani-PUK secretary General.(the one in the frame) Posted by Hello

The main discussion in Kurdistan is whether the Kurds should go all out for the ministry of Foreign affairs or the ministry of oil. As it seems that we will probably only get one of the 4 top ministerial positions (oil, foreign, defence and interior ministeries). With the Kurdistan democratic party (KDP) arguing that its man Hoshyar Zebari should be kept as foreign minister while the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan wants the oil ministry for a kurd instead. Ofcourse the KDP's position is'nt helped by the fact that Zebari has'nt gained the only material achievement which a foriegn minister can, passports in both KURDISH and arabic. While a kurd as oil minister promises development for the Kurdistan region as well as the potental for the ministeries resources to be used as a basis for securing Kurdish independence in the oil sector and future complete independence for Kurdistan. Personally, I hope the KDP understands that while Zebari did a very important job in showing rascist arabs that kurds can do things as good as them (better actually), he should now stand aside and not allow personal ambition or party politics stand in the way of kurdistans future.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

'ssshhh! It has to be a secret'

'The bees do it, the birds do it, even educated Arabs do it'

'it has to be a secret' Posted by Hello

Ofcourse i am talking about relations with Israel the second most hated country in the middle east (finely, we Kurds come first at something).

Anyways, hypocrisy is the norm in the middle east but sometimes some kind of response is neccassary. First of all today Jordan reopened its Embassy in Isreal, but ofcourse we kurds are'nt allowed to even talk to an israeli. This comes after Turkeys war games with Isreal, although they have the nerve of saying that we are the ones being trained by the Israelis, and finally do you know that Egypt allows in thousands of Israeli tourists every year, although a single israeli visa stamp can mark you for death in Syria especially if your a kurd visitng your family.

Now even the Palestinians are talking to them. So why should'nt we Kurds have a diplomatic relationship with the Israelis the only other nation which knows what it means to be truely hated.

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