Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Justice 'IRAQI' style.

Malik Duhan Al-Hassan (Iraqi Justice minister) recieves the interim constitution from L.P. Bremer. Posted by Hello

Malek Duhan al-Hassan, interim minister of justice (Iraq), president of the Iraqi democratic party and lawyer to Abd Hamud (Saddams right hand man). Has told the arab newspaper Al shariq, that he is sure that Saddam was not behind the mass gassing of Halabja city, kurdistan. Apparently, the Iranians did it. Although this goes against all eye witness accounts as well as documents which indicate that saddams cousin was in, hands on command of the attack. He also states the Tariq Azziz is innocent of all crimes against the Kurds and the shias. What is more disconcerting is that many people in the international community want to portray Azziz as innocent as well, often describing him as ,debonair, smart or wise...when will people understand that just because a man says a few hail mary's he is'nt neccasarily an angel.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Iraq elections results.

Hakim leader of the Iraq Unity list (169) Posted by Hello

Grand unity Alliance-(169 sistani)-47.6%-4,750,245 votes= 129 seats
Democratic and Patriotic Kurdistani List (130)-25.4%-2,175,245 votes=70 seats.
The Iraqi List (Iyad allawi-285)-13.4%=38 seats
The Iraqis (al-iraqioun, gazi al-Yawar)-1.8%-4 seats.

Kurdish lists also gained 56% of the vote in Kirkuk province and 66% in mosul province.

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