Saturday, February 12, 2005

Ayathollah Seyyid Al-Sistani. Posted by Hello

Ayatollah Sistani, a grand Marja of the shia faith and a' bone fide' descendant of the prophet muhammad is the new ruler of Iraq despite the 'democratic' elections. As allah's 'annointed' one on earth he merely has to whisper and the shia (60% of Iraq) tremble. His powers are so admired that the Faili Shia kurds, did not vote for the kurds but instead cast their ballot in favour of Sistani.

To find out more about the self appointed ubercleric, i decided to do some research. It turns out that despite his turban, the new Khomeini has a well designed website and public relations machine (WWW.SISTANI.ORG) which issues daily fatwas by email in 5 different languages. It turns out that this Persian born, Iraqi ruler is considers himself a scientific genius, although it does'nt say why on his site. However if you go into the Q and A section you are going to get a shock, it seems that Iraqs new leading statesman concerns himself with matters of a...well how should we say it...a private nature:

No: 6
Question:Is oral sex permissible between husband and wife?

Answer:It's allowed provided no liquid coming out swallowed.

No: 7
Question:Can husband and wife have sex with each other while looking at each other in a mirror?

Answer:It's permissible.

Among other pearls of wisdom, the great Sistani (sounds like a magician, does'nt he?)declares that chess is forbiden ( does'nt say why), music is okay as long as its bad (MUST have no rhythm), a man can't shake a womens hand although it seems that he can marry her for half an hour and then do what he likes and well i dont know what this means, you decide:

No: 6
Question: Whether men and woman are allowed to work together in the same organization?

Answer: This is not permissible. He who steals government property will be indebted for the electricity bill. However, if the person is compelled to do, he may refer to the next “most knowledgeable” Mujtahed.

Now i have been thinking about this for a while but i still dont know why the west, the so called standard bearer of secularism and rationality is forcing us kurds to live under the rule of this man who spends more time thinking about the cleanliness of menstral blood than the creation of a newer and fairer social contract for his adopted homeland.

Monday, February 07, 2005

'Return of the empire'.

Teyip Erdogan-Turkish prime minister. Posted by Hello

Turn back the hands of time, reverse 100 years of the bloodiest history possible, as it seems that the Ottoman empire has been revived. Condolezza Rice has gone to turkey this week to discuss iraq with the turks, only a few weeks after Richard Armitage did the same. It seems as if the United States, the land of the free, which was founded on the basis of the anticolonialism, is attempting to reintroduce Turkey as the master of Iraq. However she has not visited the people whose future she is deciding, as for a fully fledged member of the Bush cabinet to visit a kurd is almost unimaginable. Ms Rice has, we are told reassured the Turks that Iraq will remain united although 99% of kurds have voted for independence. She has reassured the Turks that they will be involved in a solution for the Kirkuk 'problem' although 66% of the inhabitants of that city have voted for inclusion of this Kurdistani city back into Kurdistan. She followed this by visiting Israel and campaigning for another arab state to be added to the arab collection of failed states, it seems that gaining another totalitarian state is the right of every arab but for the Kurds to establish a democracy where they can for once feel safe is not acceptable.

Instead of reassuring the Turks maybe she should ask them why they deny Kurds basic human rights?. Why are they so afraid of a kurdish nation which will have a population of 5 million when Turkey is q 71 million strong giant?. Why instead of helping turkmen who make up around 2% of turkey they dont help Kurds who make up around 20% of the population of the state of Turkey?. Maybe RealPolitik is the only form of politics which counts, but she should consider this: when she is 'helping' solve the palestinian problem she may infact be contributing to another problem the:kurdish problem.

Christians at the centre of Kurdistan.

'Assyria'-Liqour store-Shaqamy Saholaka (the Icefactory road)-Sulaimaniya Posted by Hello

Recently there has been alot of news coming from various sources claiming that Kurds in Kurdistan are somehow attacking chrisitians (i am not really sure which term to use, as where i come from most christians consider themselves Kurdish christians although it seems that some people consider this offensive). Most of the other Blogs have been doing a great job showing why this is just not true, by outlining the fact that the christian community has a fair repersentation in the Kurdistan parliament, by describing how our government funds the building of churches, and by pointing out how the area where the voting irregularities occured, Sheikhan, is also a kurdish muslim area and that the Kurish government has no control over these areas. whether these kurdish attacks on christians are figments of turkish or iraqi arab imaginations is unclear, but the fact remians that the christians are not only a politicial force in kurdistan but are often at the centre of kurdish cities such as sulaimanyia. Where no neighbourhood is complete without a chrisitian alcohol store and friendly christian priest. The Kurdish jews were forced out in similar circumstances in the 1930's by the arabs, lets not let another vital component of our young nation be forced out by these arab terrorist, I for one and the majority of Kurds are proud that the last remianing aramaic (Christs language)churches are in Kurdistan.

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