Friday, February 04, 2005

Two Presidents, both Kurds

'Mam' Jalal (Left) and Massoud Barzani (Right) Posted by Hello

Well i dont know if this is normal but in Iraq it seems that it takes at least a week! to count 8 million pieces of paper. Its kind of hard to take when so much is depending on these elections. But anyway it looks good from a kurdish prespective we have probably got around 80 seats in the federal parliament (Baghdad) only second to his 'most illustrious magnificence Ayatollah sistani's list' (when will people learn politics and god dont mix). And Kurdish lists have won in Sulaimani, Hawler, Duhok and most importantly in Khanaqeen, mosul and Kirkuk!!!!.

for internal Kurdish politics massoud Barzani of the Kurdistan Democrtatic party is being put forward as the president of Kurdistan while Mam 'uncle' Jalal general secretary of the patriotic union of Kurdistan is our candidate for iraqi president. which is kind of strange, the leader of the Kurdish patriots being president of Iraq, but thats democracy!!!. Anyway he better get the job as the only time when i have felt hostile towards the coalition is when Bremer, who has recently been accused of stealing $9bil, said that mam jalal could'nt be president last time as a kurd cant lead arab iraq. I wish someone would have asked if he would ever dare tell his boss colin powell that he would'nt be american president as he is Black.

Anyway everything in Kurdistan and in Iraq in general seems to be getting better, well it could'nt get any worse.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

the Insurgents new strategy:

Amar Ahmed Mohammad Posted by Hello

Arab insurgents in Baghdad, strapped bombs to this mans body and set him in the direction of Baghdad voting center. Officials say that this is the third case were an down syndrome sufferer has been used as delivery system for a bomb. Amar's parents have said that he had the mental age of 4 year old, it seems that the insurgents have truely reached the bottom of the moral barrel.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Abdullah Gul-Istanbul is greek..

According to turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül “The identity of a city is not solely determined by the ethnicity of the majority of people living there. Other people might be resident there, but its identity belongs to others who lived there at an earlier point in time" (from Turkish daily news-Yusuf kanli interviewer 31/1/05) -I guess he is going to be giving Istanbul and western anatolia and Pontus back to the greeks then, as they were there 1,5000 years before the turks, Thrace back to the Bulgarians (predate turks by 1000), Armenia to the republic of Armenia and Kurdistan back to us.

A "Short" History of Iraq.

Map of agreement between the republic of France and her Britanic Majesties Government. Posted by Hello

Mr Sykes-'A distingushed british diplomat' Posted by Hello

Messrs. Sykes and Picot-'The banality of Evil' Posted by Hello

Okay this isn't about Babylon or Assyria, Hammurabi or Sargon but about the creation of the state of Iraq. Although the media has often commented about the artificiality of Iraq, I think that this point needs explanation to show just how artificial the Iraqi state realy is, and although history can be a bit boring bare with me as this history isn't about piece of pottery found in mud but about the basis of nearly all of the problems of the Middle-East today:

The story begins in may 1915, the first World War had been raging for a year and tens of thousands of young men from each participating country had already been slaughtered fighting over a few yards of Belgian soil. The Turkish-Ottoman empire had in all its wisdom sided with the Germans and the Hapsburgs in the hope that war booty would relieve its image as the 'sick man of europe', the Kurds as usual didn't really fit in, but still fought hard as they thought that a Christian european victory would lead to widespread rape and pillage.

However the Allied powers already new that victory was certain and began deliberations. In a drawing room somewhere in London the talks began.
The British were repersented by Sir Mark Sykes and the French by George Picot. While puffing on cigars and getting drunk on fine French cogniac these two men brouhght out a map of the Middle-East and began drawing, Picot used a blue pen and indciated the areas france wanted and Sir Mark did the same with a red pen. The mountains and valleys the deserts and oasises the men carved between them didn't really mean much as neither had ever been to the middle east. However, for the humans who had there lands partitioned it seems that these lines on a map were'nt really appropriate, as these talks have led to the two main conflicts in the middle-east the division of my homeland, Kurdistan, and the arab-isreali conflict.

Following the war (surprise, surprise, the ottomans and the germans lost) these secret plans were implemanted as official policy instead of president wilsons 14 points fro self determination in the middle east. An arab cheftain was found in the R'ub al Khaili (the empty qaurter, now in Saudi Arabia)and made King of Syria, when the syrian kicked him out he was made King of Iraq. The vilayet of Mosul (AKA Kurdistan) was then joined to this 'arab' kingdom and when the Kurds rebelled poison gas was dropped on them (interesting fact number 1: Kurdistan is the not only the site of the biggest chemical attack on civilians (halabja-1988) but is the site of the First ever chemical attack on civilians (sulaimaniya province 1922))Winston Churchil then colonial secretary said that this crime against humanity was the only way that these 'monstrous tribes' could be subdued while lawrence of arabia said that the Kurds were 'pests' and that chemical weapons were the same as any other agent used to control 'rats' (i always used to like that stupid film before i read about this).
Well you probably know the rest of the story....king is killed....Saddam comes to power...saddam is removed.....Kurds are again forced into living in Iraq...because as the world wishes, we kurds are destined to remain confined in these lines on a map.

Sunday, January 30, 2005


Kurdish Voters-Hawler (arbil) Posted by Hello

Its been projected that the kurdish alliance list (130) may have got around 75-85 seats with the Al-arabia station estimating that 95 of the seats in the iraqi assembly have gone to the Kurds. It seems that our relentles campaigning may have the result it deserves, because if these figures are even remotely true we will be the second party in Iraq.

Some estimations for the Kirkuk provincial elections also show that the kurdistani list (Kirkuk brotherhood list) may be the big winners their.
So believing in democracy does work and thankfully the people urging the Kurds to boycot the elections failed.

Lets hope these elections act as a catylst to brighter freer future for the whole people of the middle east, Kurds, arabs, Turks, persians and israelis. Although of course we have to wait for the official results.

As president Bush says 'freedom is the hope of mankind'.

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