Friday, January 28, 2005


Kurdish refugees-returning home Posted by Hello

Finally the kurdish leaderships stance on Kirkuk has caught up with the view held by the Kurdish public. Recently both mam Jalal and massoud barzani have declared the fact that kirkuk is and has always been a kurdish and Kurdistani city. Nechirvan Barzani has also declared that the issue of kirkuk is one over which the kurds are unwilling to make compromises.

This is very important as the turkish government has recently gone out of its way to create tension over the city. With Basbug (what a name!) a turkish general indicating that turkey may invade kurdistan over this issue. However it seems that our leaders have realised that this is just another false claim made by a government which is realising that its 80 year old 'hate' campign against the kurds is failing.
We kurds cannot afford to give into facsist turkeys threat anylonger. The turks have already thieved half of our ancient lands we cannot give them another inch.

If istanbul wants to abondone the raison d'etre of the creation of secularist turkey, membership of Europe and the EU, if turkey wants to abondone its highest ever economic growth rates (8.9%), if the Kemalist government wishes to turn its back on $5 billion dollars of trade, let it come, let this anachronistic throw back to brown shirts and nietzschean fascism break itself on our mountains.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Turkmen Front

Iraqi Turkmen front headquarters-Sulaimaniya, Kurdistan Posted by Hello

The Turkmen have roots in Iraq dating back to the later stages of the Ottoman empire, in which they were employed by the ottoman government as settlers of areas seen as valuable. Of course some turkmen claim that there presence predates this by several hundred years, however in the new Iraq such matters are unimportant unless we are to reinstate the genocidal programmes of saddam's Baath party. However what should be important to the turkmens is that since this ottomen period, successive governments in turkey have ignored there plight, they should remember that no turkish official commented yet alone condemned the baathists arabisation policy which affected the Kurdistani turkmen alongside the kurds themselves.

They should remember these facts before they agree to becoming a pawn in istanbuls campiagn of hate against the Kurds, they should remeber that it was kurdish officials who opened the first turkmen speaking schools in Iraq that it was kurdish officials who brought water and medicine to their villages, when the west and the turks turned a blind eye to their needs. Not that they should be grateful ofcourse, as in any progressive society (unlike turkey itself) these are basic human rights, but they should consider who are there friends and who see them as weapons to be used and abused agianst kurds alongside F16's and Apache Helicopters.

The image above shows the rights the turkmens have in Kurdistan, why exchange this for vague feelings of Turanism.

Monday, January 24, 2005

A tale of two nations.

Kurdistan-an emerging state-Bahasht Posted by Hello

Iraq-A state of emergency-Jahanam Posted by Hello

One is an emerging democratic state with a role to play in the furutre, one is a disintigrating remnant of a colonial past, guess which one is which.

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