Saturday, January 22, 2005

Who rules Iraq?

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High ranking Iraqi police officials have declared that around 150-250 suicide bombers are currently preparing to target voting stations and other facilities in the upcoming elections in Iraq. This comes amidst reports that there are an estimated 250,000 terrorists/insurgents currently in Iraq and reports from Alawi declaring that he cannot protect polling stations in the elections.

What sort of government is this, he asks people to vote then says that they may be blown to smitherns if they do and ofcourse if Al-Qaida does'nt get them then it probably will behead them shortly afterwards. But what does the world expect when an not so former baathist is appointed to lead a country trying to get over baathism. Alawi has also seen fit to reappoint most of the former baathist army and intelligence officials to there jobs. This means that the iraqi security forces which were infiltrated with islamists/baathists early on now also have baathists commanders, its like a nightmerish reunion party, where instead of a cake the guest of honour cuts a throat. All we need now is for Saddam to be put back in place as the 'god given, supreme, invicible, beloved' leader and you know what, Humpty will be well and truely be back together again.

A new Kurdish perspective on Kirkuk?

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Since the 1963 coup de etat, which brought the baathists to power. several of the kurdish districts of the city of kirkuk were destoryed, hundreds of surrounding villages were systematicaaly dismanteled and thousands of arabs brougth to kurdistan.

since then the issue of reversing this genocide has been at the forefront of kurdish politics, with this issue acting as a obstacle to negotiations between the kurdish movement and the Iraqi central government.

This has manifested itself in the agreement made between the kurdish leaders and the iraqi interim governing council, knwon as the 58th clause of the transition administrative law (TAL 58).

This holds that the Kurds and Turkmen who were forced to leave will be returned by choice or by force, that the Arabs settlers will be forced to leave by choice or by force and that the areas removed from taimim (kirkuk) province will be reattached. These areas which are to be reattached include the area of Garmian in general and Chamchamal in particular. Chamchamal is an extremely fertile area and has the potential to be the bread basket of Kurdistan one day.

However all these change are to be made with no guarantee that the newly shaped province of Kirkuk will be joined to the Kurdistan region area (KRG), as reattachment of the province of Kirkuk will rely on a referendum.

Now we must ask ourselves, is this in the interest of the Kurds. How and why would any Arab government carry out demographic engineering which goes against its own interests? How will we force people who have lived in a village for 50 years to abandon it, is it reasonable for us to lose Garmian from the KRG without any guarantees that it will be returned as part of the new province of kirkuk and should we risk a referendum in which the Kurds may lose.

The answer to these questions is that the Kurdish leadership should change its stance on kirkuk. We should drop our 50 year demand that all of the 1958 province of Kirkuk should be reincorporated into the KRG as this may again be refused and even if it where to occur it would lead to destabilisation of the KRG as we would now have a substantial Arab minority. Instead we should demand a partition of this province along ethnic lines. With a new province incorporating the city of kirkuk, Baqrata, Dubz, Pirdey, Tuz and zeydar joining the KRG and the areas of Hawija, Abbasiya and Zab joining either salahadden or ninevah province. This will allow a strict demarcation between Arab and Kurdish 'Iraq' and would secure that this kurdistani area is not exposed to the threat of future Arab encroachment.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Vote 130, Vote Kurdistan

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Every 27,000 votes earns a seat at the Iraqi National Assembly, Every seat is one vote nearer to an indpendent Kurdistan.

Hamu 27,000 dangeik yak kursi pe dadret la anjumani nishtimani Iraqia, Hamu kursiak yak Dang niziktirman axatawa la Kurdistaniki Sarbaxu.

Halabja, Darfur and President Bush.

Halabja-March 1988- Iraqi arab airforce drops assorted chemical weapons against the civilians of Halabja.  Posted by Hello

Sudan 2004- Janjaweed inconjuntion with the Sudanese arab Government. Posted by Hello

In the spring of 1988 15 Sukhoi-27's made in Russia and belonging to the Iraqi Airforce took to the skies of Kurdistan and flew to the sleepy kurdish town of Halabja. Once at there destination these planes made their initial attack on Halabja, they droped incindiary devices as well as bombs known 'smash bangs' which cause shattering of windows within a 300m radius of where they fall. Following this the Iraqi squadron made another pass at the provincial town, this time with a far deadlier payload. In the time that followed at least 5,000 innocent civillians suffocated. Mothers screening their children, not knowing that there flesh could'nt protect their sons and daughters from sarin. Fathers whose hands were ripped to shreds by a frantic attempt to replace the glass in there windows, thinking that this would stop the poison air drowning their newborns, children who jumped in rivers to get away from the deadly wind not knowing that the water could take there lives as well as the sarin gas....The brave Iraqi airmen who took part in this 'operation' were awarded the highest honours the Iraqi state could confirm upon them....yet al-jazeera still finds it acceptable to claim that Sarin and mustard gas were not droped on that fateful day, no the iraqi airforce actually droped Flour powder, however these claims by al-Jazeera are acceptabel as all media outlets aim to their audiences and Al-jazeera's audience are arabs. A group who still by and large believe that the Mossad carried out the attacks on the twin towers, that Zarqawi is a CIA agent, that the protocols of the elders of zion are authentic and that the tooth fairy exists (okay the last one is made up, but i hope you can understand the conspiracy mania that envelopes the arab world).
These horrendous crimes agianst humanity are now being repeated in Darfur, another nation unfortunate enough to be in contact with the 'great' arab nation. History at least in the middle east seems to be indeed cyclical and definetly cynical.
President Bush says: 'Freedom is the hope of mankind', lets hope that this means that the Kurds hopes and asspirations for freedom will for once be respected.

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  • Never forget Halabja

  • Thursday, January 20, 2005


    " Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, All the King's horses and all the King's men, Could'nt put Humpty back together again".
    Replace Humpty with Iraq, Fall with Shock and Awe, The King with president Bush and The King's men with the marines. Now you probably have a pretty fair estimation of what has happened to the Iraqi state. There are officially (are CIA figures official?) 250,000 gun and knife totting terrorists/insurgents/militants now rampaging in the western deserts of Iraq, there are around 5 suicide bombings a day in Iraq, there are a few beheadings and many kidnappings. the violence is also beggining to spread into the our 'safer' region, kurdistan, with 2 recorded explosions in hawler and duhok this week.
    The elections also show no promise as although we kurds must all vote, the religious Shia are set to dominate the new Iraq, we must never forget that our brothers and sisters in Turkey have been living in an democracy, yet the west never seems to ask the turks why an rebellion which can field 30,000 men and is supported in all regions of northern kurdistan never attracts more than a handful of votes. So is this our destiny? to be a constant minority in a majority rule state, to be forced into a islamist nation, to have our culture eroded by democracy like tha Basques of Spain. Well although it seems likely, this does'nt have to be the future of the kurdish people, Not if the americans make the only correct decision since the invasion of Iraq, Not if the americans decide that the only way forward for Iraq is the division of this artificial entity into its natural constituants portions. A shia run state in the south, a suni arab nation similar to Jordan in the centre and a kurdish state in the north. This is no longer a fantasy, It is becoming clearer by the day that the wrongs created by the treaty of sevres must be righted if Iraq and the rest of the middle east is to progress. these multi ethnic nations are each destabilised and each in turn prevented from progression due to the presence of minorties within their borders. The nations of Europe made head way following the first world war byy partitioning the former empires of europe along popular demands. However these principles were not applied to the defeated asiatic power, the ottoman empire, whether this was due to inherent rascism in that asians need stong rule or due to stupidity remains to be seen. Yet the problem still remains, will the americans insist that the prison that is, the Iraqi state remains? or take the correct and courageous option of allowing the inevitable partition to happen under assistance.

    'United we stand, Divided we fall'

    With the Iraqi National, Kurdish regional and provinicial elections near, the number of kurds i hear who say that the will not vote because it wont change anything worries me. The truth is that these elections will change everything whether the kurds like it or not. These elections are going ahead no matter what the Kurds say and no matter what the 250,000 insurgents say in central iraq. This means that the Kurds have no option but to try and harness the elections for their own good. The only way that we can avoid another 80 years of arab domination is to vote in large numbers and to vote for the same parties. As the old proverb goes 'United we stand, divided we fall' and for us kurds this is the most impotant proverb to learn. We must face it whether iraq is a totalitarian state to match Big brothers Eurasia or a pluralistic democracy we kurds are in the minority, and being in a minority in a democracy can be nearly as bad as being a powerless group in a dictatorship. The only way that we can survive in the new iraqi dictatorship of the shia masses is to unite and compartmentalise our nation from the iraqi arab majority. The only way that we can prevent the establishment of sharia law is to again seperate ourselves and our homeland from Iraq. This means that we do not have the opportunity or the luxury of squandering our vote on meaningless principles. which in the long term will harm our people and destroy the future of our children. Of course it is understandable to want to make a stand against corruption and beurecracy, but by voting on these issues we will ensure that the dreams of kurds for hundreds of years are obscured. As an old man told me the other day these elections are for Kurdistan and the next elections can be for the kurdish individual. Unlike the arabs we cannot display our displeasure with the current government we must stand united. We also do not have the option of voting for different parties in the national and regional elections, as if we do the delegation we kurds send to Baghdad will lack the vital quality in a democracy, that of repersentation, we must ensure that our parliamentarians in Baghdad are backed by a strong similar government in Hawler. This may mean that we see people in governance who we would rather were not there but agiain we kurds have a responsibilty to strentghen our nations hand in iraq and we must make sacrifices for this, we msut ensure that the arabs and the internationall community understand that our delegation to Baghdad is backed by the will of the kurds in Kurdistan. Therfore the only option we kurds have is to vote for our current leaders to help them establish our seperatness from Arabs in the new iraqi constitution. We must vote for 130 in the nationals and 162 in the regionale lections. Remember when you cast your ballot that unlike others we kurds are not only voting for ourselves but for the children of Halabja and a thousand other towns as well.

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