Friday, January 07, 2005

In most western societies it takes less than 2 years and in islamic law it only takes 3 words. Ofcourse i am talking about divorce a process which is actually fast out pacing marriage in many european countries. We kurds have been in several forced marriages for the past 80 years. With a violent partner in the case of Iraq (anfal-182,000 dead) with a abusive and controlling partner, Turkey (kurdish language prohibited, 30,000 of our brave peshmarga dead) and with a partnr with which we have irreconciable differences, islamic iran (many dead, our religion persecuted and our heritage denied), and dont get me started on the 'arab' republic of Syria. Now all of these are prima facie (sorry about the spelling) cases for divorce in most of the courts o the world, however the international community seems to think that these arent reason enough for us and each of our respective opresors to go our seperate ways, they insist that we stick with them and try to 'ride out the rough patch'. However we kurds must keep on insisting that we do go our own way and establish kurdistan, our camelot, our homeland and oneday we may get lucky just look at the east timorese.

Ps whenever i talk to Americans, they seem to get really upset about us kurds wanting to split from the Iraqi 'union'. They seem to think of it in their own terms i.e we kurds are acting like the Confederates and trying to split the glorious united states of Iraq, but we kurds dont want to split from Iraq as we really believ in slave trading! we want to go because we dont want to be slaves anymore.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

US forces attack HAWLER (Irbil)

Yeasterday at midnight local time US ground forces supported by Helicopters and fighter jets belonging to the USAF carried out a ground attack in the sayeda district of Hawler city capital city of the kurdistan region of iraq. This was truely unbelievable. I mean the people who we feel liberated us, who we showered with flowers. Came in the middle of the night like a baathist raiding party and attacked innocent kurds who had probably mentioned these same US soldiers in there nightly prayers just a while before the attack. This would have been understandable if there had been a terrorist cell in Hawler, with which our own peshmarga could not deal with. But this attack was on a student dormitory for hawler university. Even if it had been a terrorist hide out which it was'nt our own forces would have been able to sort it out as they have on numerous occasions with more success than any of the allied operations in Iraq. I fear that this signals a change in US policy, in which the more violent contingents of Iraqi society are going to be appeased at the cost of hurting people who are desperate to support what the US is doing in IRAQ. It could be a coincidence but why is it that these attacks are happening straight after armitage (Powells deputy) visited turkey. Why is it that the americans have suddenly become so cold to kurdish attempts to undo saddams barbaric ethnic cleansing operations.

We kurds must learn, you can only count on yourself, Israel wont help us nor will the western powers, we ourselves must free ourselves from the shackles imposed on our people at the treaty of versaile. We must be the ones who impliment the Wilsonian principle of self determination. We must never forget the truth handed down from our forefathers, 'The Kurds only friends are the mountains'. If the americans can do this to us when they need us, imagine what the arabs will do when we are not needed in 5 years time. My thoughts are with the people of Hawler tonight, Who thought that Saddams time would come again so soon.

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