Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Who put the Fun in Fundamentalism?

Fundamentalists, Islamists. AL Qaida, Insurgents...terrorists, no matter what you call these people. They are scum. Not a day goes by now in 'iraq' without one of these ever so loveable creeps, halal buthchering some innocent who just happened to cross his way. Seriuosly its turning into a sort of pandemic here, you know the routine: people are kidknaped on the way to falluja (why would any one ever go to falluja?), a video is made where some arab guy in a mask says that country X has a week to mass convert to islam, then the inevitable, Al Jazeera or another fine example of journalism gone wrong (e.g al manar) shows a home made video of a man/women losing their life. Recently with the tsunami in asia and the fact that zarqawi has'nt been able to lay his hands on a westerner have led to dramatic decrease in the number of these fun shows being shown in the western media, But please do not forget us kurds. Just recently 3 kurds visiting basrah ( a city america insists is part of the same country as kurdistan) were caught and you guessed it, killed. It gets even better in Hawija (if your kurdish dont ever go to city with a name ending in -ja, falluja, Hawija-i'm begining to see a pattern here) where kurds are now randomly shot for daring to go to the local Bazzar. And lets not forget that this new Bin Laden sport started in Kurdisan, most people have heard of Kheali hama, this is a town in kurdistan where some afghans/arabs and other usual suspects caught 40 young peshmarga and slit their throats. I dont realy know where i am going with this post. But i am just so angry, angry at the killers and angry at the rest of the world forcing us to remain in the prison which is iraq. Seriuosly look at whats developing in iraq we have new IRAN in the south (soon to be ruled by a khomeini look alike) and a new afghanistan in the middle (Soon to be ruled by a mullah omar look alike) while we kurds in the north are just trying to live life as best we can. Sometimes i just think to myself, what did the kurds ever do to end up in the middle east. With persians who poison us in the east, arabs who gas us to the south and turks who do everything else to us in the north. Even the turkmens are trying to threaten us now with their 'big brothers' from turkey, this after the kurdistan regional government started treating them even better than it treats us kurds. I guess we kurds as a people did something very bad in a previous life. I just hope that powell leaving office will mean an end to arabism at the state department, although i doubt it since richard armitage is currently in Turkey discussing how to force the poor peshmarga up in Qandil into a turkish prison or worse.

Anyway i dont like to end a post in a sad way, so Happy New year. Sali Newtan Piroz bey....

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I'm sorry i havent posted for a while (i'm not reay sure who i am apologising to since i havent got (zero) that many readers, and most comments are usualy anonymous anyway.) Any how i forgot the password to this place so i haven't been able to post (the wonders of modern technology), but i am BACK now.
Well the situation for us kurds has'nt realy improved has it. since i last posted not that much has actually changed, really?.
Lets see our leaders are still pretending that the people of southern kurdistan do realy want to be part of Iraq although it seems like the rest of the iraqi poulation want us kurds to be physically sent to Israel, because guess what, it turns out that we kurds are israeli agents. For people who do not know much the middle east, arabs regularly accuse someone they want to blow up of working for the mossad. Theres little point denying this since some arabs probably think that hitler was a israeli agent since the holocaust did'nt completly work. ( sorry i know you should'nt make jokes about the holocaust, but since i think that most jews have a great sense of humour, i'm hoping they wont mind). Anyway i'm not sure if our leaders new theory of kurdish-arab brotherhood is ideological or due to the $3 billion which've mysteriuosly gone missing in S. kurdistan.
Although i am cheered up a little by what our 'brothers' are doing to themseleves. It seems like the shia and sunni arabs are going to tear each other up. I just hope we dont get caught up in it as kurds. However having experience of kurdish luck, i have a horrible feling that no matter what the arabs do to each other we kurds are going to feel the brunt of it.
anyway in kurdistan and in iraq wev'e got a strange election to look forward to. For people who dont know, the iraqi leaders have decided to create lists, this means that all parties for any specific group are going to join up, so basically the election is just a census, with kurds voting for the kurdish list, shia voting for the shia list and the sunnis not voting for anyone as the sunni clerics think that voting is either an act of treachey, sinnful or both ( most of them think both). Its kind of sad because it means that we kurds HAVE to vote (or we reduce our power in baghdad) but we cant vote for any specific party.

P.s: what is it with mam Jalal in these recent meetings. Why does he keep waving his ams like that, you would think that he was Stalin or some one. Any way all kurds please vote!!!!! even if the person your voting for is a bit odd at least he's/she's a kurd.

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