Sunday, August 29, 2004

Kurdo: sulaimany is our paris!!!!!

Kurdo said on his site that sulaimany is the paris of kurdistan. Anyone who is kurdish or even knows a kurd probably knows how proud we kurds are of our hometown. This goes beyond 'supporting your local sports team' as westerners would know it, as we kurds are almost lyrical of the beuties of our own cities i.e if a new monument is made all you can hear for several days is how 'only our beloved sulaimany/hawler/duhok etc etc... could come up with such a beutiful monument.
This kurdish metrophilia is displayed in different ways in each of the cities of southern kurdistan (sorry, i don't know much about the rest of kurdistan) e.g The people of Duhok (badinan) are proud that they are the most tribal 'kurdish' kurds, the people of hawler are proud of the antiquity of there hometown-hawler-a-qon (old hawler) and the people of sulaimany are proud of the cultural achievments of there town (all the great kurdish poets come from here (sulaimany) you know).
All though this can come across as more of a vice than a virtue i.e hawleris are snobish about pedigrees, the sulaimanyis are cocky as to the intelect of others (there are many, many jokes in the vain of english-irish jokes about hawleris in sulaimany) and the duhokis think that all other kurds are effeminate.
however we all love each other for all our faults.

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