Saturday, August 28, 2004


Condelezza rice's comments realy got to me, the other day. What the hell is she speaking about. With friends like the bush admiinisteration who the hell needs mortal enemies.
I know in geopolitics we kurds are small fry, we have no country and no powerful friends (before you say it, israels turkeys ally, not ours). But to be stabed in the back so visibly and with no mercy!!!!!, well its enough to say it hurts.
She thinks that our leaders should 'convince' us to stay as part of iraq. Convince us, wrong choice of words my friend, in the mid east, our last "beloved supreme leader" soddom (not a mis type) hussein did just that, yea he convinced us alright, with napalm, sarin and mustard gas. I'm sorry us kurds are knew to the democracy game but i always thought that the government obeys the peoples will not the other way round. Jeeze, washington, Jeferson and old abe will be tirning in there graves.

P.s she compares our demands for a seperate state to the french speaking people of quebecs demands, but last i heard the canadian federal government had'nt resorted to sarin to quell quebecian (what the hells the appropriate term here.....) desires for seperation.

We want kurdistan we want kurdistan..........

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


No this is'nt a blog about the state of the mental health of the bird life of kurdistan. This is a return to my previuos theme, the insanity of the some of the human inhabitants of the middle east.
Here goes i promise this is true. The turkish government has banned the use of the colours green,red and yellow in Eastern anatolia (KURDISTAN) as they are representative of the kurds and therefore against a state in which 20% of people are actualy kurds.
This ban also effects traffic lights. Yes, Turkish courts are'nt busy enough with the systamatic torture which goes on in there prison (sorry, but are now concerning themselves with replacing every green bulb in a turkish traffic light to blue bulb.....and this country thinks that it's gonna get into the EU. Although the EU has own fair supply of crack pot nations. So, maybe, it'l add chicken (sorry,.....Turkey) to its list.

Kurd or Iraqi

Iraq's olympic football team made it to the semi finals of the olympic football tournament yeasterday. It was strange up here in kurdistan, because it is nice to have a national team to support. You know, expend all the built up nationalism and Xenophobia safely and without causing harm. But for us kurds its hard as if you sport iraq people feel like your in some way condoning the existance of the artifical failed state that is iraq.
Any how it did'nt come to much, iraq, shock shock horror, lost. 3-1 to the south american footballing midgets that are paraguay. As soon as it became clear that iraq would'nt be in the finals, there suport base in kurdistan became scarce. You know "dont worry son, were kurds not iraqis".
I think i've found a new and as yet (well maybe not) unheard effect of being a landless people (read kurd) national schizophrenia: never knowning what you are, or even how you should classify yourself.

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